Standing Straight Makes a Difference!

Remember when your mom told you to stand up straight? Research has now found that she had good reasons!

This research found that standing tall sparks feelings of confidence. Other kinds of self-care didn’t do the same. For instance, hugging yourself didn’t bring comfort! On the contrary it increased levels of stress and reduced self-confidence! Slouching had the worst effect making one feel unsure of themselves and much more likely to quit.

The most positive body stance was standing tall – it made participants in this study feel more interested in whatever they were thinking or doing.

So even if you’re back’s achy, standing straight makes a mental difference if not a physical one.

Less Back Pain With Free Weights!

Researchers at the U of South Carolina found that men who train with free weights are less likely to have lower back pain than
those who use machinery.

The researchers conclude that machine exercise does not create core
strength. “Strength without core stability can overload your back
and lead to pain,” says Mike Reinold, PT, CSCS
of Champion Physical Therapy and Performance in Boston.

So be sure to add Pilates to your ‘exercise tool bag.’ It’s
considered the very best core strength exercise proven by the fact that it’s part of the conditioning programs of nearly all professional athletes.